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Early Ace Wonder Concepts

Early in the process of making Ace Wonder, we had little idea how the end product would look.  John had an idea, and I think we got close to that idea.  But here are some other possibilities for how the motion comics might have turned out:

In these first three concepts, I tried to feel out how much detail John wanted.  I believe I did these before getting the script.

These next four are variations on line, texture, and level of detail.  As you can see, I still had a very comicbooky style in my head. 

After that we decided to make the motion comics in an idealized photograph style.  We actually created the first motion comic in this photograph style before realizing that it needed to change. 

It would be an entire year after being brought onto the team before we would land on the current highly-polished painted style, thanks to a suggestion from Isaac Botkin.

For more concept artwork from Ace Wonder, as well as storyboards and minicomics, join my Sketch Club!  I'm updating it weekly with Ace Wonder art for the next month.  Also, be sure to see Ace Wonder if you haven't.  It's available at Amazon Instant Video to watch now, and to prepurchase when it comes out on DVD in August. 

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  1. Here's a random question: how did you choose the tie colors for the deceased and the man at the end of the row? Interesting how the deceased has a very warm color and the living has a cold color.

    wow that last one is so realistic. Are there real photos mixed in?