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Ace Wonder Storyboards

Downtown needs a hero!
This is the month!  I'm getting stoked about seeing the beautiful blue and yellow cover gracing my DVD collection.  I can't wait for the19th!

(If you really want to see it early, like I did, you can stream it through Amazon or Walmart.)

*  *  *

Storyboards.  The promise of the story to come.

Mocom 7 rough boards

Usually storyboards start out very rough, like these that I scrawled down for Motion Comic 7 (awkwardly placed in the actual film between Motion Comics 3 and 4, but that's a different story....). If you can't tell what's going on, that's ok.  I have to think hard on a few of them.  They represent early quick visual notes, that changed as others worked on them (Johnny Reighard, to name one person).

However, for this production, because we needed a consistent look, and employed a wide variety of illustrators, I made a series of very detailed, monochromatic storyboards for each of the motion comics.

Here are some of the boards for the 2nd motion comic... some of which did not make it into the finished film.

City pan down

Notice the name of the salon...

Why must the lady go to the Salon via the alley? So we could make art like this.

Badguy jumps out of shadows.  "Drop the bag, Lady!"

Ace Wonder jumps out of the shadows.  "Drop the gun!"

Of course, fights often go way better in imagination than in reality.


Ace Wonder, always the gentleman, retrives the purse.

Ace phoned ahead for the police


Ace Wonder ready to vanish into the darkness again, when....

 In case you are wondering, storyboards are mostly about story... telling an interesting story as simply and as visually as possible.  The audience should feel the momentum of the story through the boards, tasting what the finished movie will be like.

Well, if you liked these, I have the entire first sequence for Mocom 4 in my Sketch Club (after you become a member, look for it in the "Creations" section).  Plus a few other really cool boards that didn't make it into the movie.

Ok, now I'm going to go off and figure out how many hours we have left until Ace Wonder appears on shelves.....