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Imaginair: Sunrise Over a Florida Bridge

As I was driving from my grandparents condo in Orange Beach to the Blue Angels' practice session at the Pensacola Naval Air Museum on base, I saw this lovely sunrise behind an interesting bridge.  I couldn't paint it, because I was behind the wheel at the time.  So I memorized the colors, the lighting, the general composition, and as many of the details as I could, and painted it later.

I enjoy painting many of my artworks.  This one stands out above many of them as being even more enjoyable than normal.


Eating Dirt

Here's a little sketch with a bit of Sample family lore behind it.  A true story from when my brother and sister were a bit smaller.  Great example of my sister being helpful, feeding my very young brother dirt.  My mom thought it was cute, and made sure it didn't happen any more!