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An artist off to a film festival?

Well, this has been a very exciting year!  I have learned a lot and have grown in my artistic repertoire.  

In just a week I’ll be headed off to the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.  I've been watching this festival with great interest since it started back in 2004.  It's a dream come true to go out there and participate in the festival.  I especially look forward to meeting with some of my new found film friends.  

One of these friends is named Mike Dornbirer, and he’s made a movie called The Free Ride.  I highly recommend this film, not just because it’s got a great message, but because I did a sky replacement for it!  The movie made it into the festival, so I am very excited to see some of my work on the big screen!  If you watch it, look for the moon.  That’s my sky replacement!  Go here to check out Sanctum Entertainment’s website.

A still from The Free Ride

I’ll also visit with John Moore and Johnny Reighard, two filmmakers from Heumoore.  I’ve been working with them on artwork for their next film, Ace Wonder.  The movie should give many Christians a lot of good excitement and fun with a thought-provoking message.  Check out Ace Wonder’s website for more details.  If you look hard enough, you'll see some of my artwork in one of the trailers.

A still from Ace Wonder

Well, speaking of artwork, I think I’m going to get back to work now…