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The Secrets of the Ace Wonder Motion Comics Revealed!

Secret #1 
John Moore wrote the story.  

Script fragment from Ace Wonder opening scene
Before you can make any great graphic novel or motion comic, you need a great story.  The story inspires the artist to envision the possibilities and creates the limits for the finished graphic novel.  The writer is the first visionary in the creative process.

Secret #2
Johnny Reighard and others created rough storyboards.  

An epic watercolor from Johnny's storyboards - Ace Wonder in the rain
Rough sketches are the first step in translating a story into a finished visual. 

Early storyboard from introduction to Ace Wonder
Final Ace intro
Often the artist will make several storyboards before finding the right one. 

Secret #3
I created detailed concept art.  

Refined sketch of Ace Wonder in the rain
These detailed pictures bridged the gap between the rough visual plan and the finished artwork.  

Refined sketch of Ace Wonder introduction
Then I split the artwork into parts to prepare for the next phase.

Secret #4
A bunch of artists worked very hard to make each piece a work of art.  

Finished art for Ace Wonder in the rain
For instance, in this umbrella shot Jessica Lindsey painted the backgrounds and Louie Royball III painted Ace Wonder.  

Finished art for Ace Wonder introduction
In the alley artwork David Nielsen painted the badguy, Breezy Brookshire painted the lady in dire straights, Kelly Reins painted the brickwork, Victor Noordhoek worked on puddles, city lights, and clouds, and Ashley Letizia painted Ace Wonder.  Then I pieced and blended the parts together.

Secret #5
Finally, the Effects Forge team brought the layered artworks to life.  Artists in their own right, David Bowman, Evan Langley, Josiah Einwechter and others transformed our dead visuals into living motion comics.  To see their work check out Ace Wonder: VOD is available now and DVD's will be available in August.

So, now that all of our secrets are out, I expect to see amazing Christ-glorifying motion comics in the future!  I know there are more creatives out there.  Go make something!

PS. I've uploaded more art from the opening funeral scene to my Sketch Club!  Plus a bunch more sketches and a downloadable FREE mini comic book!


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