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Quick Portrait Sketching!

Whew!  I tried to get into gear with some quick portrait sketches last week.  I'm still pretty slow, but I'll be working harder to get faster.

At a Wednesday painting group, I sketched Rev. Thomas, very happy to get so much done in only two sessions (approx 40-45 min.):

Then on Thursday night I went over to John Ball's to paint Brittany with his group.  I was surprised to do a quick 20 min sketch!

Then on Saturday I fought with a very bright day at the Laurel Hill Spring Arts Festival, and sketched a couple of new friends.  While I was working on them they looked kind of like this:

But when I was able to get them into the light they looked much better:

Both were approx. 15 minutes, and both were talking and moving around, so I think I did good considering.  Still I'm still practicing, trying to get better.  I have yet to master the quick portrait sketch.

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